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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What genre do you like?

I have always been partial to fantasy. I enjoy magic and feel that life needs a little magic. I have also liked end of the world books not necessarily nature end of the world but more man vs man end of the world stories. What stories and genres do you enjoy? Post a little note describing your likes and dislikes.


  1. I like anything, except for sappy love stories! I like mystery, fantasy, adventure, drama, just not sappiness (well, okay, maybe a little sappy is ok!!) I just like anything that takes me out of myself for a while.

  2. I LOVE fantasy. I love romance, but on the romantic comedy side of things. I also love adventures and mysteries. Good grief! I love it all! Except things that would be equivalent to R rated. Keep it clean, keep it fun and unpredictable and I am so there! :D

  3. I want a story about a magic person who discovers that he is the very first to ever have magic. He also has an unusual pet!

  4. I'm odd in that I have yet to meet a genre where I can't find something I like. I like some more than others, but I really do read just about all of them.

  5. I like stories that can captivate my attention without creaping me out or giving me scary yunking feelings throughout or when I'm done reading. If it can't catch my attention, then I really can't get into it, and I usually never finish the book. I also like good churchy or informational sort of books, ones that inspire and help give me something to apply in my life ;)


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