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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs part 2:

Well it’s back to the grind stone for me. I had a wonderful vacation visiting family both in Arizona and in southern Utah. It is so nice to take a break from the usual stuff and to just relax and enjoy life. Hope everyone else had a great memorial weekend.

There are two more steps in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs they are Esteem and Self-actualization.

Esteem is when a person has confidence and feels that they have achieved something in life. The person feels respect for others and feels respected by others. This is a step that a person gains after feeling secure in the friends and loved ones around them.  Maslow says that this and the following level are not strict separations but are interrelated needs. These needs are also related to others and how we perceive others view us.

Self-actualization is the highest level a person can attain to. Many have said that very few people have reached this level. Some examples would be Mother Theresa, Buddha, and Jesus. This does not mean it is not possible that at times in our lives that we do not reach this level and then step down. In fact there are many times that we cycle through the stages in certain areas. This level is characterized by a person reaching their full potential and understanding that potential. This can be different for different people. For example one person may want to be the very best parent there is, another may want to be the very best writer possible or painter or athlete. This is an individual level. In order to achieve this level the other levels must also be mastered.

Following is a picture of the hierarchy:

Our characters have needs that must be met and as we shape them in our stories remember the different levels that they will be going through. Use the table to guide how your characters are growing throughout the book. If they start on the physiological stage by the end have they self-actualized or are they in the esteem stage.

Tomorrow we will be looking at another hierarchy. Have a great day!


  1. nice...i like the idea of using it to show growth within your characters....nice hit josh...glad you had a great vacation!

  2. You are like the Cliff's Notes I needed in college!

    Welcome back!

  3. Welcom back.......I'm still on vacation and will be back next Wednesday,

    Take care.

  4. I like how you talk about how we go through cycles. It is nice to know that I can write characters who at times are selfless and other times are more selfish and not worry about having a contradictory character. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation.

  5. I agree that we go in cycles. It's important to realize that a human trait is to change.

  6.'s important to use variations in the cycle, depending on each individual's traits. In order to keep the story interesting, some characters simply can't mature past the basic principle, while others may grow in leaps and bounds as the story progresses.

    Well done, Josh:)


  7. It was good to see ya!
    I also like the idea of the cycle, although I am probably very far from getting to the top, it's nice to know I can have the potention of getting there some day! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love that morality is at the peak of the pyramid. I crave a more ethical narrative projected out into the wider culture-- with an emphasis on the dignity of all.

    An intriguing concept for a blog. Will be back to read more.


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