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Friday, July 22, 2011

Parenting Styles Part 1

So, in the following days we will be discussing the different parenting styles. It is important to keep in mind that when looking at an individuals style that it may concentrate in one area but the individual will still be found parenting in other areas as well.

The Following is a grid that shows how the parenting styles are formed. You will notice that there two main theories on parenting styles. We will be discussing the four styles and exploring how this would effect our characters.

Maccoby and Martin's Four Parenting Styles
Baumrind's Three Parenting Styles (in italics)

I'm really excited about this and hope that you will all make many comments and share with others during this next section of diagnosing our characters. Feel free to put in your own experiences and thoughts throughout. 

Start to think and hypothesize about the four styles and how they would effect your characters and starting next week we will explore them in great detail. Have a great weekend!!


  1. What an interesting topic. It never occurred to me to think about what sytle of parenting may have influenced my characters. Will you be talking about the affects each of the parenting style might have on growth and personality development of children?

  2. Am I mistaken in seeing that all four parenting ways seem negative? (I'm unclear on what propagative means, maybe it's the positive one?)
    I'm very excited for the parenting discussions!

  3. Yes we view authoritative as negative but as we explore this you will see why it is positive. Also we will be delving into the affects that the parenting styles might have on growth and personality development.

  4. I'm all for parenting discussions.
    Having reared three all different in personalities and talents it's strange how three human beings born into the world by the same two people can be completely different.


  5. hey man on the way to work, great stuff and will add some practical stuff this evening...

  6. hey man...when looking at really have to think multiple have the kid and one or two parents...or guardian...and there are flaws in each of these...the over demanding over responsive can suppress a character and lead to isolation...the neglecting parent def has issues from rebellion to general feeling of unloved...they might not even realise it to...because the think it is loving to give and enable the looking forward tothis one man...

  7. Are you trying to tell me something, Josh?


    I think my parenting style is more...chaotic good. OOPS. That's something else altogether...

  8. I'm looking forward to these discussions; I was recently thinking about one of my characters and how her parents influenced her.

  9. When I first looked at these I immediately thought, it is amazing any children turn out relatively normal. But that is the amazing thing. Not only do we get to take in the account of the parenting styles, but also the personalities of the children. Granted, some of these styles are better than others, there are a lot of other factors in a child's life. What a great way to add depth to a character, and I know which one I am going to apply this to.


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