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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Giveaway for My memories suite software

This Giveaway has ended thanks to all of you who participated!!!
I was approached by My Memories Suite to do a giveaway of their program. I have looked at the software and think it is a great idea. Very easy to use and fun. They have a great video on youtube on how to use it and what it is all about. Take a look at it. Now they did give some stipulations an that is that you need to visit their site. The following are the ways to earn points for the giveaway:

1 point for following (Must do to enter into the competition)
1 point for going to My Memories Suite (Must do to enter into the competition)
1 point for tweeting about my blog
1 point for blogging about my blog
1 point for google + mention
1 point for facebook mention
2 points for each person that follows me because of your recommendation

Please go to the Giveaway page on my blog and let me know how many points you have earned. Also in order to get the 2 points for additional followers they need to let me know who referred them so have them post that along with their own points on the Giveaway page.

Good luck to everyone!!


  1. the site looks interesting...probably more for my wife but looks cool...

  2. So0unds fun. will do this later in the day.

  3. I already follow you and am ready to WIN! LOL

  4. I've been to their site and I like so many of the things they offer!

  5. I will spread the word.

    I actually already own the software and can I just say that it is pretty awesome. I have used it on a number of occasions and really like how all of the projects have turned out. And yes, it is fairly easy to use.

  6. It looks great, Josh, but I can't handle any more computer stuff right now so will take a pass.

  7. Looks great, although I don't think I will enter this time, Josh. I have too much other technology to get to grips with and I don't feel I'm being very successful. A mystery photo appeared on my phone last week, totally spooky. I clearly need to get to grips with my trusty old phone's software :)

  8. Thanks for the comments, but this contest already had a winner and is no longer running. Sorry for those of you are just seeing this.


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