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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Letters H and I

Yesterday got a little busy for as you have probably noticed so today we get two letters. I do not have a spotlight for tomorrow. If I do not get one then I will continue my story instead. If anyone is interested in having a flash fiction spotlighted please let me know.

Letter H:
Histrionic personality disorder: Individuals with this disorder have pervasive and excessive emotionality and attention-seeking behavior. These individuals must be at the center of attention or they feel as if they are unloved and unwanted. They generally attract new acquaintances because of their flirty and outgoing behavior. However these acquaintances wear thin and dissolve due to the need of the individual with histrionic personality disorder of always needing to be the center of attention. If they are not the life of the party then they will perform a dramatic act to become the center of attention, no matter what it takes. The behaviors of these individuals is often sexually provocative or seductive. Emotional expression is shallow and shifting. Additionally individuals with histrionic personality disorder express strong opinions with dramatic flair. Further, these opinions are easily swayed and changed.

Letter I:
Intermittent explosive disorder: Individuals with intermittent explosive disorder have occurrences of discreet episodes of failure to resist aggressive impulses that result in assualtive acts either on other individuals or property. In order to qualify for the disorder the acts must be out of proportion to the current circumstances that the assaultive act occurs. Individuals with intermittent explosive disorder generally describe the attack as a rising tension or arousal and after the outburst an immediate sense of relief.


  1. The word 'histrionic' is one of my favorites (but the more I write, the more words I realize are on that list). My daughter may be a drama-queen but she's going to have good vocabulary :)
    Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration

  2. Wow, that last disorder could really be used in a character's makeup.

  3. oooi have worked an IED fun...

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  5. Being a first time visitor to your blog, when I read Intermittent explosive disorder, I immediately thought of somebody who has a problem with flatulence! :)


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