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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Evil Genius

Yesterday (yes I know I missed it) The Golden Eagle hosted her 2 year blogoversary. The rules were to write a short story about an Evil Genius. Here is my story (Not edited or anything just for fun :)

Tim was no ordinary person. He watched from the sidelines as others had fun. He was mischievous and conniving, making his mark as often as he could and today was no different. His thumbs circled each other as he studied the scene before him, head bent and lips turned up just a bit at the tips. If one looked close enough it would almost seem that there was a glint or spark in his eyes that appeared to dance and sway like a Tesla coil.

The time was quickly approaching in which his plan would unfold. It would explode on the scene like a jack-in-the-box. Chaos would ensue leaving only havoc and disarray spreading like a swarm of bees across the concourse.

A small pop echoed between the buildings followed by a cloud of smoke. A scream. A large woman billowed out of the door making a b-line for Tim. Tim’s smile faded, the glint was gone and his thumbs no longer moved.

“It’s to the principal’s office for you young man.”


  1. was it cherry bombs in the one sir

  2. Ha! I wasn't expecting that - very well done.

  3. Loved the ending--didn't expect the principal's office to be the undoing of evil.

  4. I liked the descriptions. You kept them fresh. Nice job.

  5. "a glint or spark in his eyes that appeared to dance and sway like a Tesla coil."

    I love that description! Great blogfest entry. :)

    That's okay about missing the date; voting's up until March 8 and I already added your blog to the list.

  6. Nice imagery! Love that twist. Well done. :)

  7. Thanks all for the comments. I'm glad the twist worked and it caught a few off guard :)

  8. I certainly hope that is put in his permanent record. Just in case he tries to transfer to my district.

  9. I love this, and a much more upbeat ending than expected :-)


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