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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Influences of Life

It is amazing how many people live on the earth and all those that have ever lived on the earth and to think that all of them are different. Some a lot some a little. It is because of the different events in their lives that make them different. There is no two people that have had the exact same experiences and it is for this reason that none of us are exactly the same. Even twins have had different experiences and have different influences on them.

Additionally it is the influences around us that are different from any other person in this world. I have different things influencing my life than even my wife, both internally and externally. It is for this reason that we need to try and understand better those things that influence other people. By understanding these influences we can better understand why they do what they do. Once we understand the whys we can hopefully be able to explain in our books the whys.

I hope that everyone is having a nice weekend and I look forward to posting again on Monday. I think that I will be writing about an interesting concept about how we interpret other peoples motives and actions.


  1. i hear you...this is the root of misconception...we think others should see our perspective...or we assume...and assume we see everything similarly but the differences in our experiences def color our perspectives....

  2. This is a really interesting point. When someone is mad at you, don't get mad back automatically, ask yourself if it's really you they're mad at.

  3. Definitely! We're all influenced by different things.

    Thanks for signing up for the Evil Genius Blogfest. :)

  4. Interesting post and neat to think about the different influences in our characters' lives. And our own!

  5. I love how this is true especially among siblings. You have mentioned that you have twin sisters. Even though genetically they are the same, because of their different experiences they aren't the same person. If that is true with twins, it has to be true with people who aren't related by blood.


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