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Friday, March 30, 2012

Continued Blog Story

Sorry for taking so long to get the next installment to you on my blog story. I hope it is worth the wait. 

The gravel under Tabatha’s boots crunched as she crossed the wide driveway. In front of her the tall mansion loomed, blocking the moonlight from the path. Tim and Phil were waiting on the backside of the mansion. They had insisted that Tabatha enter the front. Another hundred feet and she would be at the edge of light that illuminated the area in front of the main entrance to the mansion. Tabatha remembered the last night she had left the mansion. Two guards chased her down the long driveway until she slipped into the forest that lay on the other side of the large gate.
Tabatha’s breath was ragged as she huddled behind a shrub. Clicking her watch, a timer appeared. 25…24…23…22. She closed her eyes and focused on the plan. Tim and Phil would enter from the back distracting the guards and cutting the power to the home. She would then run in and grab the child. Before anyone even knew the child was missing Tabatha would be back at the safe house.
Her watch vibrated softly under her sleeve and Tabatha looked up at the lights above the front porch. She clicked on her watch. 0.00 blinked across the screen. What are they doing?
A scream came from inside the house and then it was dark.
A shiver ran up Tabatha’s back. She stepped from behind the shrub and glanced in from side to side. A trickle of sweat ran down her temple and she wiped it away. She took another tentative stepped then dashed the remaining distance to the front porch.
Another scream.
Tabatha stopped at the door step; her breath caught in her throat. Nothing. The door was unlocked and Tabatha inched the door open. The room was dark, but it didn’t matter as Tabatha hurried up the stairs and toward the nursery.
A crash sounded up the stairs as Tabatha reached the nursery door. She slid the laser pistol from its holster and backed against the wall.
Booted footsteps thudded up the stairs and then the lights were back on.
Tabatha froze. Something is wrong.
A tall well-built man appeared at the top of the stairs; his rifle was at his side. A trickle of blood ran down the side of his cheek and then to his chin where a drop of blood formed waiting to drop. He smiled as he turned and looked at Tabatha.
The trigger was cold under her finger but slid easily as she pulled it. The laser arched out toward the man hitting him in the chest.
The man’s face contorted and the smile faded. His body thumped as it hit the ground.
Tabatha opened the door to the nursery and closed it behind her. Faint breathing came from the corner of the room. Familiar baby smells filled Tabatha’s nose as she walked toward the crib. A blue blanket rose and fell gently.
The room lit up and Tabatha whipped around with the pistol raised.
A man in a bathrobe pressed a remote and Tabatha froze. “We have been expecting you Tabatha.”
A single tear slid down Tabatha’s cheek as her muscles strained against the unknown force that held her tight.


  1. Oh no! Don't tell me Tim and Phil have double-crossed her? Argh, I want the next part :-)

  2. nice...great job of setting it up with the description of the enviroment to set the tone for this piece man...intrigued and def awaiting more...

  3. I want a remote that freezes people. Though maybe I shouldn't wield such power. I can't wait until Monday.


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