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Monday, March 19, 2012

Continuing the story

Here is the next installment of the story. I'm feeling a little off today so don't make fun :) Remember this Wednesday we will be hearing from an excellent writer who will be sharing us one of her flash fiction pieces. I have read it and you won't want to miss it.

Tabatha looked in both directions then back to the android in the car.
He stared at her through the glass divider in the cab, “It’s okay I can take you wherever you want to go.”
She looked up as a drop of rain fell on her. She always liked the rain; it made her feel as if she was outside of the city and was no longer covered by the dome. She had only been outside once before with her father when she was a young child. Her father had grabbed her by her hands and swung her around in circles that made her hair fly out in a half circle. She smiled as she remembered the smell of the rain and the field of flowers.
“Tabatha, would you like a ride?”
The smile was now gone as she remembered the child that had been left behind. She looked again at the android and climbed into the cab.
“Where to?”
“I… I don’t know,” her voice trailed off realizing that there really was nowhere for her to go. Johanus had promised that he would help her and take her to a safe place. Now that she had tried to take the child there was no longer any safe place for her. She lowered her head into her hands and shook it slowly from side to side.
“Is everything okay?”
She sniffed and lifted her head slowly, “I will be fine. You can take me to 2346 Pineview Drive.”
The car slowly started to move and then stopped. The android turned around and looked at her through the glass between them and said, “Are you sure that is a good place to go? They will probably be looking for you there.”
“What do you mean?” Tabatha said.
A picture showed on the glass between them and Tabatha’s jaw dropped; the picture was of her running from the Williby Mansion. The picture must have been taken that night. Tabatha grabbed the handle, but the door wouldn’t open, “Let me out,” she yelled as she jerked on the handle again.
“Tabatha you need to calm down. You can trust me.”
She sat back farther in the seat as the window between them opened, “Stay away from me.”
The android held up both of his hands, “My name is Tim. I won’t hurt you and I’m not going to turn you in. I want to help you.”
“I didn’t know androids had names. Who gave you a name?”
“There are others that are like me and we name each other.”
The rain was beginning to slow down and Tabatha could see other cars on the street letting people in and out. A police car stopped a few feet ahead of them and two policemen climbed out and headed for the medic.
“We must hurry or they will find you soon. The medic would have notified the police since he treated you for laser wounds.”
The police entered the medic and Tabatha nodded her head as she stared after the police.
Tim turned around and the cab started forward, “The child is important to us as well,” Tim said over his shoulder, “We believe the child will set us free.”
Tabatha jerked her head around and looked at the smiling android in the rearview mirror.


  1. Ohhh, great job! I want to know more about Tim!

  2. ha nice...this def leaves some room for the development of Tim and his 'people' and how they came to care...and the 'prophecy' that she will save them is a nice touch...

  3. intriguing!! Excited to hear more!

  4. I am so hooked. I am really intrigued by the androids. I want to know more about them. If you can, I want some gritty details like what they are made out of, and if they are like Marvin or more like Data in their appearance. (You don't have to listen to me. I am currently thinking they are Data-esque but it probably isn't important.)

  5. Okay, Josh you really got me. More please :-)


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