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Friday, March 23, 2012

Story Continued

The ride was long as Tabatha replayed the night’s events. The smell of blood and laser burns weren’t new to her, but she had never had to think on her own before. She wrestled with the fear that tugged at her insides, making her sick. Holding her arms across her stomach, trying to keep it together, Tabatha slowly rocked back and forth.
The cab rolled to a stop in front of an old warehouse that looked as if it had been abandoned for many years. That was one of the problems of the new order, it forgot about the old. Tabatha tried the door and it opened easily.
“I’ll take you inside, but then I need to get back work,” Tim said.
Tim led the way and Tabatha could make out the mark in the back of his neck that was used for uploading new information. The newer models were equipped with a WiFi chip allowing them to link up at any time. The newer models also had more realistic skin and facial features making them almost undetectable. The council stipulated that all androids needed to be marked so that they could be identified easily.
The door to the building had a scanner to the side of it and was made of metal. Tim placed his hand on the scanner and the door slid open. Lights turned on immediately and illuminated a large room filled with crates stacked on each other that formed a long hallway that went on as far as Tabatha could see. As they walked down the row of crates an opening opened up that Tabatha had not seen before. Tim turned into the opening and opened a fridge that stood against a row of crates that formed the walls of the open area.
Tabatha rubbed her arms as she scanned the crate formed room. There was a small card table with four chairs in the middle and a cot on the opposite wall of the fridge. A pillow and neatly folded blanket were on top of the cot.
“I know it isn’t much,” Tim said as he handed Tabatha a cold drink.
As Tabatha held the can the coldness of it seeped into her hand and up her arm. She walked slowly to the table and pulled a chair out, the screeching of the chair echoed through the building. She sat and put her head into her hands. No longer able to contain the fear she began to sob.
After several minutes Tabatha wiped her face across her sleeve and looked up weakly. Tim was standing in the entry way face down.
“I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to do now… now that,” Tabatha stopped remembering the last time she saw Johanus.
“It’s okay. I will help you. We have helped many like you.”
To be Continued………


  1. nice...the mystery of tim and his people is deepening a we have helped many like you....nice piece man....

  2. More . . . please. I want more now.

  3. The plot definitely thickens!
    Nice one Josh :-)


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