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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Short update on survey

Hi All, thanks for participating in the survey. The majority wanted a combination of all three and Brian's plan looked best to me. I look forward to the new schedule and will be implementing it starting next week. Today and tomorrow's post are going to be short due to my defense, but I will post a quick note tomorrow to let you know how it went.

Here is the schedule starting next week:
Monday - Flash Fiction Piece
Tuesday - Psychology post
Wednesday - Guest Flash Fiction Piece
Thursday - Psychology post
Friday - Flash Fiction Piece

If you are interested in being a guest on Wednesday let me know.
I'm excited for the new direction and hope that you all enjoy it as well.


  1. woot...sounds like a plan to me of wishes on the next couple days...

  2. Oh, wow. It sounds like you're really revamping the blog! :)

  3. Interesting idea. I wonder if it would work on my Blog? (scratches chin thoughtfully)

  4. Nice! I'm excited to see the updates! :)


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